11/15/08 - CHUCK BILLY ON 107.7 THE BONE METAL ZONE, 11/19/10

Listen to Chuck Billy on the Metal Zone this Friday, November 19th to talk about DDP's upcoming show with Black Label Society & Children Of Bodom at The Warfield - San Francisco: Metal Zone w/ Nikki Blakk

11/13/10 - DDP will be opening for Black Label Society and Children Of Bodom this Saturday, November 20th at the Warfield, San Francisco, CA.

When: Saturday, Nov. 20th, 2010
Doors at 6:30pm

Where: The Warfield
982 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94102-4012

Opening for: Black Label Society, Children Of Bodom
Doors: 6:30pm; DDP goes on at 7:15pm
Tickets: Ticketmaster

09/10/10 - DDP Live this Saturday, September 18th at Pine Street Bar & Grill, Livermore, CA.

When: Saturday, Sept. 18th, 2010
Doors at 8:00pm

Where: Pine Street Bar & Grill
875 Rincon Avenue
Livermore, CA

With: Bleed The Freaks, Bad Influence
21+ / Tickets: $20 / Doors: 8pm
Call Chris for tickets: (925) 606-8266

09/07/10 - Add the *NEW* DDP Official Facebook Fan Page!!!

06/23/10 - Happy Birthday, Chuck!!!

06/20/10 - DDP Live this Saturday, June 26th at Soundwaves Studio, Oakland, CA.


For tickets, click on the flyer below:


When: Saturday, June 26th, 2010
Doors at 4:20pm

Where: Soundwave Studios
2200 Wood St., Oakland
CA 94607-1713


Das Racist
Dublin Death Patrol
DJ Murry the Mayor
Forrest Day
High On Fire
Lil’ B
New Earth Creeps
Stone Vengeance

and more TBA

11/12/08 - NEW DDP show!!! January 2nd at Pine Street Bar & Grill, Livermore CA. Call 'Chris' at Pine Street for tix: (925) 606-8266

January 2nd, 2009 Show Flyer

10/29/08 - NEW YEAR'S EVE BLOWOUT BASH with Testament, Laaz Rockit, DDP and DragonLord!!! December 31st at Fat City, San Francisco - Show starts at 8pm, 21+

Tickets available at www.StubHub.com

NYE Blow Out Bash 2008 Flyer

02/27/08 - Please note that the DDP show set for this Sunday, March 2nd at the Fat Cat, Modesto is cancelled.


Chuck Billy, Andy Billy (guitar) and singer Star Nayea will be joined by Glen Alvelais (guitar), Greg Christian (bass), and Jon Allen (drums) on stage at the Longest Walk 2 Kickoff Concert, set for this Saturday, February 9th. They will be performing 2 Testament songs, "The Legacy" and "Trail Of Tears." The set starts at 9:00 pm.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Eastside Art Alliance
2277 International Ave.
Oakland, CA 94606

Doors open at 5:00 pm
Show starts at 6:00 pm


Chuck Billy, lead singer of legendary thrash metal band Testament and proud member of the Pomo Indian Tribe will be performing at the Longest Walk Kickoff Concert on Saturday, February 9. The concert begins at 5:00PM at the Eastside Cultural Center in Oakland, CA. Chuck Billy will be performing alongside his brother Andy and 2006 Native American GRAMMY & NAMA recipient Star Nayea.

The Longest Walk Kickoff Concert will also feature performances by 7th Generation Rise, Blackhorse Blues Band, Jeremy Goodfeather, and others TBA. Tickets range in price from $25-$40.

The concert is a benefit for the Longest Walk 2, which kicks off on Monday, February 11. The Longest Walk 2 is being organized and led by American Indian Movement co-founder Dennis J. Banks. Participants will embark on a 5 month journey across America walking over 4,400 miles to Washington, D.C. arriving on July 11, 2008. It is an extraordinary grassroots effort on a national level to bring attention to the environmental disharmony of Mother Earth. For more information on the Longest Walk 2, visit www.longestwalk.org

Be sure to catch brothers Chuck and Andy Billy as they help to kickoff the Longest Walk 2 in Oakland, CA on February 9!!!

01/29/08 - DDP MERCH SALE: DDP Logo (green shimmer) short-sleeve Girlie T is on SALE; DDP Shamrock design short-sleeve T has been re-stocked.

01/27/08 - New show added: March 2nd, 2008 at the Fat Cat Music House in Modesto, CA.

01/14/08 - The Hard Rock Live - Mexico City, Mexico date has been rescheduled to March 6th, 2008. DDP will be playing the show with Seattle's Metal Church.

01/11/08 - Chuck Billy will be at NAMM 2008. He is doing a signing at the NADY booth (4650) on Friday, January 18th, at 2:00pm. Come by and say hello.

01/04/08 - In Remembrance: R.I.P. Philip Lynott 8/20/49 - 1/04/86

01/03/08 - Please note that the January 25 date at the 'Hard Rock Live' in Mexico City has been postponed. It will be rescheduled for sometime in March 2008. We will update you as soon as we get the information. Apologies for the inconvenience.

12/21/07 The Japanese version of "DDP 4 Life" is now available on the official Howling Bull Records site: "DDP 4 Life" Japanese CD

Willy Lange interview (in Japanese): Howling Bull interview with Willy Lange

11/29/07 - Please Note: New Year's Eve show venue changed from Mixes to Time Out Bar & Patio in Concord, CA

11/06/07 - ***NEW YEAR'S EVE SHOW***!!!

12/31/07 @ Time Out Bar & Patio, 1822 Grant Street, Concord, CA

Buy NYE show tix through: TicketWeb

10/01/07 - DDP Badge short-sleeve t-shirt on sale - get 'em while they last!

08/29/07 - Re-stocked some of the merch. See ya on the 7th!

08/06/07 - New DDP show is set for September 7th at the Pine Street Bar and Grill, in Livermore, CA.


06/29/07 - Added a new "DDP 4 Life" pull-over hoodie.


06/22/07 - ***DDP T-SHIRT SALE!!!***

Purchase the DDP logo short-sleeve t and get a free 8x10 B&W photo autographed by the band!!! Quantities are limited, so get yours now!

06/18/07 - The DDP show at Rio's in Leeds, U.K. has been cancelled.

06/12/07 - Thanks to all the fans who showed up in San Francisco and Concord this past weekend - It was a blast!!! The guys are on their way to Europe.

Added a 'DDP Logo Spaghetti-Strap Babydoll T' for the ladies in the merch section.

06/03/07 - New DDP T-shirt designs added to the merch section. 3 new short-sleeves, and 1 new long-sleeve. Get yours now!

We'll have something for the ladies very soon as well!

06/01/07 - Members of DDP will make an appearance on 107.7 The Bone "Metal Zone" with Nikki Blakk, tonight, June 1st at 10:00pm, PST.

You can listen to it via The Bone website (click the "listen now" site menu button on the top left):


06/01/07 - A message from the band:

Hey you all,

What's up? We're busy getting geared up for our shows. We're rehearsing every night, getting our shit together, and it's sounding KILLER!!!

We can't wait to get out there and play for you guys (and girls)!!! Right now we're practicing every song on the album and a bunch of covers, too. Maybe we'll play one or two surprises from the past, who knows...

Also, we've been getting a lot of questions from people wanting to buy the new album. Well, rest assured, we'll be bringing plenty of CDs to the shows, both in California and in Europe. In the meantime you can still order it through the official website (here), but if you're going to be at one of the shows, it might be easier to pick it up right there!

Only a little while 'til DDP will wreck your town. See you at the shows!!!

DDP 4 Life,

Dublin Death Patrol

05/31/07 - New DDP T-shirts to be added very soon! Keep checking back.

05/30/07 - Check out this cool DDP video promo for Europe:

05/18/07 - The DDP Official Forum is up and running!

Many thanks go out to Deron and Ultimate Metal!!!

05/16/07 - Added links to purchase DDP tickets for West Coast shows.

05/14/07 - Added discography.

05/12/07 - Mudface and Oskorei on board for Fat City show in San Francisco.

05/08/07 - Added tour dates!

05/04/07 - Fixed the 'size' option for the new DDP t-shirts on the merch page.

04/11/07 - The new DUBLIN DEATH PATROL CD is here!

*OFFER EXPIRED: Order the CD by Midnight, Friday The 13th (4/13/07) and shipping is *FREE*!

For Immediate Release: April 11, 2007

Friday The 13th Dublin Death Patrol Re-Emerges From The Bay Area Thrash Scene!!!

The collaboration of long time friends and members of the Dublin Death Patrol (DDP) Testament Vocalist Chuck Billy originally teamed up with fellow Dublin California ragers; Willy Lange (Rampage, Laaz Rockit), Steve ZETRO Souza (Original Testament Vocalist/Exodus Vocalist) and three of the Billy Brothers as well as some other local Dublin boys.

The seeds were planted in or about 1980 with a bay area thrash band called Rampage featuring neighborhood kids from Dublin California, Chuck Billy with his brother Andy Billy, Greg Bustamante, Ernie Boehm and Willie Lange. The guys were about 18 years old and had all known each other since they were about 5. The guys grew up listening to a variety of bands from Zepplin, Kiss, Aerosmith to The Dead Kennedys and The Sex Pistols; and were influenced by the sounds of the late 70’s and early 80’s.

This time period was a great time for a bunch of kids who lived out in the burbs, and the boys from Dublin with their long hair and their naïve attitudes would go to the clubs to rage and see The Dead Kennedys and whatever punk shows that trails through the Bay area. Willie Lange recalls, “ We learned quickly that people in the big city were a little different”. The boys from Dublin got into more than a few fights before any reputation was established and hence the Dublin Death Patrol was born.

Most of the guys that comprised the “Patrol” were big boys with quite an edge to them. Willy states, “We were out to make a name for ourselves and word spread quick that we were not to be fucked with!”

One legendary incident that gets brought up (and laughed about) is the time that Willy Lange was playing his first gig with Laaz Rockit in the early 1980’s and The boy’s from Metallica were doing a radio show with Ron Quintana on a college station, Willy remembers, “ Everybody used to listen to Ron on KUSF in the beginning of what now is known has the famous Bay Area Metal scene of the early eighties. Ron was talking about our show that night and the fact it was my first gig with Laaz. Lars and James were making fun of my name calling me Lilly Wang. People were calling me and telling me this. Word got back to James and Lars that the “Patrol” were about to inflict maximum damage on them”. One day Chuck Billy and Greg Bustamante and Willy Lange were kicking back at their apartment when they received a call from Lars and he was begging that the DDP didn’t fuck them up because they didn’t mean any disrespect and didn’t have insurance. Willy told Lars, “We never had any intention of fuckin' with them and that we were totally cool. That was the kind of reputation we had.”

Willy Lange remembers, “Backing up a bit when we first started Rampage it was Andy Billy, Ernie Greg and Myself but we needed a singer; we already had 2 full Marshall stacks a bass rig and drum set but no singer. Chuck Billy looked like a good fit --- a big, tall monster with an attitude, so we asked him to try. Chuck was playing guitar at the time but said “what the fuck, let me try”. The first song we wrote was ‘Circumcise Me’ it fuckin' killed and off we went from one backyard or barn to the other playing our newfound trade on the unsuspecting suburbanites.”

After about a year or so a band called Diamond wanted Willy to play bass for them and they were fairly popular in the Bay Area scene at about the same time Chuck was having doubts about his ability to be a front man. One night Chuck, Greg and Willy were sitting on the side of Chuck's house smoking weed and talking about their band Rampage, when Chuck said he was giving it up that he thought he was a “Clown” we tried to convince him to stay they had just got into the battle of the bands a couple of months earlier and we thought he kicked ass but it seemed his mind was made up.

So Willy left Rampage to play with Diamond and Lange muses, “I guess Chuck wasn’t a “Clown” after all. Zet was our main Roadie slash biggest fan plus he had a car he knew all the bands in the area and it seemed all the bands knew him. He was also best friends with Phil Demmel and his brother was friends with Troy Lucketta. Little did we all know that from such a small little town 30 minutes east of San Francisco would supply such a powerful mix of Metal Legends. Chuck Billy lead singer Testament. Steve “Zetro” Souza lead singer Legacy and Exodus. Phil Demmel lead guitar Vio-lence and Machine Head. Troy Lucketta drums Tesla. And the bass player from Laaz Rockit whatever his name is”.

In the summer of 2005 Laaz Rockit got the offer to play a reunion gig in Holland at the Dynamo open air the festival all of us had played before. When Lange heard Testament were on the bill it was a no brainier so Laaz Rockit dusted off the old gear and headed over the pond. Lange was blown away how many young kids were clamoring for “Old school Metal” Lange states, “I was talking with Chuck over there about the possibility of getting our old crew together and play some killer tunes we had wrote but never recorded some 20 years ago.” The new version of the Dublin Death Patrol was born then and there. From that point on to this day this project has been a labor of love, fun, and brotherhood.

Willy Lange states it clearly, “I think what we have done with this project is a true reflection of our influences from our first time together. The covers that we picked are the bands that we emulated at the time. The originals have stood the test of time and with Vincent Wojno our honorary brothers help at the controls we are all very proud of what we have accomplished. Like Chuck Billy says all the time; “if we wanted to put out the heaviest album of all time we could have. But putting out a “Machine Head” type album just wouldn’t reflect our true beginnings.”

The last thing to do now is go out and crush audiences all over the world and show what a tiny little town with an attitude profound has to offer.

Vocalist Chuck Billy recalls, “I remember moving to Dublin California in 1965 driving through a little town that didn’t have much to it one high school a few supermarkets. Everyone knew everybody in town through school or after school sports. I started playing guitar in 8th grade and stuck with it through high school. Back in late 70’s I remember going to barn parties watching the local musicians get together to play some of our favorite covers. I wanted to play so bad and be in the music scene we started our first band called “Rampage”.

The guys were young and competitive to start with wanted to play in town like the other guys were. Chuck remembers, “We thought we would be the rough ones with attitude almost like we were punk rock or at least what we thought punk rock stood for. We used to drive to Oakland to Willy’s truck yard to practice in the back of a 45 foot trailer. It was always a party booze and weed mostly. We played some local house and barn parties and began our own little metal cult.” “We left our mark where ever we went leaving the word Rampage or just the page as we called it all over town. All the local musicians knew who we were. Steve Souza was my younger brother Andy’s best friend and was always at the Rampage rehearsals. I was there as support of the band when one day they said why don’t you give it a shot so I did and I was the new singer. After discovering the bay area notorius venues, Ruthies and Keystone Berkeley scene we brought our attitude along as well.”

“We all went different directions with our music.” Willy joined Diamond which was an up coming band and then moved on to join Lazz Rockit and then almost Metallica. I went to college and took some music theory, vocal, and guitar classes. Andy kept playing with local musicians. Greg went to work for Willy. Ernie started working in the family business. I also took private lessons at night. I started a few bands with friend until I got the call from Steve Souza who had just left his first band called Legacy to join Exodus. Zetro suggested I call Alex Skolnick and ask for an audition. That day has changed my life forever.

After the success these individuals had on our own over the past two decades in their various bands; the sound of getting together with all the old gang to revisit some old songs we wrote sounded cool. They invited anyone from Dublin who wanted to get involved with the project to hop on for the ride; all are welcome. The word spread fast.

STEVEN “Zetro” SOUZA recalls how the idea to resurface the ultimate DDP ‘trash gang’ of their youth, came to him, “Originally it was Willy's and Chuck Billy’s idea. The first I heard of getting this project together was at a Raider pre-season game in 2005. Willy was telling me his idea of DDP and getting the old Rampage guys together. But this version would have Chuck and I singing on every song and include different musicians that grew up in Dublin to play on this record. Well, I was right in.” They had their first meeting at Hooters in Dublin to discuss what the plan was.

After 6 months of writing, arranging and restructuring songs new and old . The guys went into record the DDP album through strains and pains with Vinnie Wojno (a tour side), Steve Zetro Souza boldly claims, “this is what we have to give to the metal world, a kick ass straight up aggressive and in your fucking face album of music by guys just from Dublin California. Represented by members of Testament, Legacy, Exodus, Vio-Lence, Laaz Rockit, Tesla, Heist and a group of headbanging Dubliners that deserved status.”

“For fans of the Bay Area Thrash who I love and will always; I hope they dig what Chuck and I have done vocally on the DDP project.”

They got together and started by playing some cover songs and a few old originals. The songs sounded good they decided to write some new songs. The songs came together pretty quick and sounded even better than they thought. At that point they made the decision to record and release the record. Everyone involved gave their all to the recording. For some this was the first thing they ever recorded. It a great feeling to see our friends get involved as they were so vital in the scene then to have them involved now made sense and brought it all full circle DDP 4 LIFE!

Dublin Death Patrol is:

Chuck Billy - Lead Vocals
Steve Souza - Lead Vocals
Willy Lange - Bass
Andy Billy - Rhythm/lead guitar
Steve Robello - Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Greg Bustamante - Rhythm Guitar
Danny Cunningham - Drums
Troy Luccketta - Drums
John Hartsinck - Lead Guitar
John Souza - Bass
Eddie Billy - Bass